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Tour de blogosphere: A special guide to Ottawa’s literary blogs (Part 4, young adult book reviews)

This is your tour guide to Ottawa’s online literary world, blogosphere style. In coming posts, expect champions of poetry, stories of small press, writers seeking writers, book clubs to notice, online journals, recaps, reviews and more. Today we take you into the online world of Young Adult book reviewers – whether they’re taking you into […]

Puzzling Posts: Adventures in daddy-daughter time

It’s a problem faced by creative types everywhere: how do parents foster creativity in their children just as the world conspires to grind it out of them with regimented school systems and day-to-day drudgery? For one local parent, the answer lies in blogging his daddy-daughter creative writing exploits. Apt613 contributor Mike Reynolds is one of […]

Tour de blogoshere: Urban development and local news

Ottawa is in the midst of a development boom. Whether it’s the recently approved Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, plans to build several large condo buildings in the Preston/Carling area, the transformation of Wellington Street from Westboro to Hintonburg, the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park, or the numerous other construction projects in the city, our national […]

Tour de Blogosphere: Blogging Bookworms

I love books. Interested in finding fellow readers, I searched the blogosphere for Ottawa bookworms. To my delight, the national capital region is filled with blogging bibliophiles, which are the focus of this week’s round-up of local blogs. Blogging Bookworms There is a surprisingly large number of Ottawa blogs dedicated to publishing book reviews and […]

Like (or hate) what we do? Take our reader survey!

We do what we do here at Apt613 for two reasons: we have fun doing it, and we hope that it helps you connect with city in new and wonderful ways. For the most part we aren’t hard-nosed journalists, just people with day jobs and delusions of blogging grandure. We know we do somethings well, […]

Tour de Blogosphere: Food and foodies

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in a home. True, you may have more fun in the bedroom, and the living room is often the entertainment hub, but it’s in the kitchen where delicious magic is created to soothe the stomach and caress one’s taste buds.Numerous Ottawa bloggers agree that cooking is a […]