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Black Sheep Theatre

Fringe Review: Magic Unicorn Island

By Julia Bueneman 65 minutes | Drama, Solo | PG Following a multitude of very different, very real characters, Jayson Mcdonald has created an absolute masterpiece. Flicking through half a dozen personas — both loveable and beautifully hatable — Mcdonald portrays each with a convincing newness, leaving all the various characters completely unique and individual […]

Bouffon at the Gladstone

Comedy is difficult to do well. Bouffon is even more difficult. Bouffon is a style of theatre whose main focus is the art of mockery. According to Wikipedia, bouffon performance techniques include “burlesque, commedia dell’arte, farce, gallows humour, parody, satire and slapstick”. Any of these are tough to master; to master all of them requires […]

Paco V Put to Sleep

Review by Christine Burton 60mins/Comedy-Drama/PG You’d be hard-pressed to find a more hapless gaggle of losers than Dick, Ricky and Paco, some of the characters in Paco V Put to Sleep. All of them are lurching towards a Darwin Award-winning future – either that, or an Oscar for best comedic facial expressions (Dicky Dick, I’m talking to […]