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Be part of le pARTy and support local art(y)

If you’ve ever been inside a local bookstore, bar, coffee-shop…anywhere really in town that’s embracing the ‘local’ mentality you’ll likely have seen local artists’ work on display and, just as likely, up for sale.  Chances are that if you’re anything like me you’ve fallen for a piece but then seeing the price tag quickly dismissed […]

SELFIE: A photo exhibition on crossed identities at Karsh-Masson

Raymond Aubin is an artist in contemporary photography who also writes critiques and reviews in visual and media arts. Through their photographic self-stories, artists Magida El-Kassis, Olivia Johnston, and Jennifer Stewart invite us to reflect upon the contemporary fragmentation of the identity. Walking into the SELFIE exhibition at the Karsh-Masson Gallery is an overwhelming experience. […]

Look ahead at the National Gallery

Mark your calendars. The National Gallery of Canada recently revealed what art lovers can expect to see at the gallery in 2015, from Colville to Chagall to Monet. Here is a preview of what to expect during the year: Tracing this Canadian artist’s entire career, the Alex Colville exhibit will include nearly one hundred paintings, […]

The West Wind by Tom Thomson at the NGC

Post by By Violette Stepaniuk. “The West Wind” by Tom Thomson is one of the most recognizable images in the history of Canadian art, and it is on display at the National Gallery of Canada as part of the Tom Thomson: The Jack Pine and The West Wind exhibition. “Nothing new,” you might say. While it’s […]

Timeslice: An imagery of time by Ralph Nevins

Raymond Aubin is an artist in contemporary photography who also writes critiques and reviews in visual and media arts. Imagine being able to see a whole movie at once, collapsed into a single still image. This is the intriguing experience that artist Ralph Nevins proposes at the Trinity Art Gallery of the Shenkman Arts Centre. […]

“Drink creatively” at your neighbourhood bar

“Drink creatively”. What comes to mind when you read this slogan? Try learning to paint while sipping a glass of wine or your favorite drink in a local bar (maybe one reminiscent of those good ol’ days). In just two hours, you’ll have your very own artist’s (ok, amateur artist’s) chef d’oeuvre. The activity is […]

Best outdoor art in Ottawa – Rockcliffe edition

Last fall, Apt613 contributor Sanita Fejzic put together two posts rounding up the best of our city’s outdoor art. She looked at Centretown and the Market and Hull areas. Back then she said, “Outdoor art can easily be dismissed as static. And yet, there is a discourse between the work, the artist and the viewer […]

Art at the Gladstone theatre + ticket giveaway

80 minutes (no intermission) | Drama | Mature content What is Art? For example, is a meat dress Art? The public can be very passionate and blunt expressing opinions about this question. (As are the characters in Yamina Reza’s play Art.) But there are subtexts to these public debates. The debates become particularly heated when […]

Instagram real life with Mark Stephenson’s HipsterMonocle

This week, Ottawa is welcoming some 150 delegates to the city for the Creative City Summit. The summit presents an opportunity for people who work in arts and culture across the country to come together and discuss some of their common challenges and goals. We thought that having a group of cultural thinkers in the […]

Playing with scale: Monumental work by Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson is back in town. After taking a road trip out west a few years ago, the Ottawa-based artist and illustrator has returned with two separate exhibitions, Monument and Bookish, at the Ottawa Art Gallery’s (OAG) Art Rental and Sales and town., respectively. Through collage and mixed media, Thompson’s latest work reconstructs vintage postcards, photographic plates, and […]

Anna Frlan’s Interbellum: wartime steel

Anna Frlan’s current exhibit at the Ottawa School of Art is the best show that I have seen by a local artist. Comprising five steel sculptures, the exhibit Interbellum at the schools’ main gallery at 35 George Street is simply brilliant. An Ottawa-native whose parents came to Canada from Croatia following World War II, Frlan […]