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Hood Wars 2013 Round Two: Best Public Art and Architecture

Hood Wars is Apt613’s annual neighbourhood contest where we ask our readers to choose what area deserves the title of best in the city. The Ottawa Open edition of Hood Wars will take place over five rounds: Best Restaurant Row (September 18); Best Public Art and Architecture (September 21); Best Green Space (September 25); Best Neighbourhood Party (September 28); Best […]

Polytectures: Exploring the city with a soundtrack

To quote the great English novelist George Orwell, to see what is in front of your nose is a constant struggle. This insight is something that all Ottawa residents should keep in mind, for if we open up our eyes and ears to our city, we will see that our urban landscape is quite beautiful. […]

Shedding light on Architecture Week

Architecture is like frozen music, the famous German poet Goethe once said. This delightful image seems apt for Ottawa’s Architecture Week, an annual event that allows local residents to contemplate the beauty in buildings and design. Organized by the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects (ORSA), this year’s eclectic program runs from September 24-30 and consists […]