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Apartment613 Talks

Apartment613 Talks: Political Capital – How does a city of public servants engage in politics?

Apartment613 Talks returns April 1st with a discussion on Ottawa’s political culture. Presented in partnership with the PSAC National Capital Region, this talk will explore how Ottawa’s position as the national capital affects the political behaviour of those who live and work here. How does a city that lives and breathes the always-on political climate […]

Weekend roundup: What to do in Ottawa

Happy Labour Day, Ottawa! This weekend is a little less crazy than the rest of the summer has been, but there’s no shortage of events to check out. Don’t forget to stop by the Apartment613 Talks event tonight, featuring local sports lovers and intramural organizers talking about how play – for kids and grownups alike – […]

Live blog of Apartment613 Talks: Is Ottawa a Creative Capital?

How close are we to being a truly creative Capital? This panel brings together three of Ottawa’s top designers and leaders of Ottawa-based design firms to talk about their experiences leading companies that run on creativity. What does it take to succeed as a creative entrepreneur in Ottawa? Is Ottawa becoming a hub for creative […]