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Adam Tupper

Bureaucratease: When public servants drop their pants

Billed as a boisterous blend of bureaucrats, office elites and colourfully queer characters, Bureaucratease – an office themed burlesque and performance art show from T-shirt aficionados behind local favorite Bureaucratees – hits the Velvet Room on Saturday March 22nd. The show was made possible in part by a grant from  Awesome Ottawa who awarded the […]

From the first WGA event.

Wonder Geeks Activate comes back to Zaphod's

Geeks! Art! In a club?! It might not be what you expect, and that’s exactly why it exists. Wonder Geeks Activate (WGA) is where “the comic book convention meets the nightlife scene.” The endeavor, started by Adam Tupper, is really a way to deconstruct the geek genre while having some fun and supporting the community. Tupper […]