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Sweet Bakery brings the taste of Persia to your door

By Jean McLernon on July 28, 2014

Sweet Bakery is Ottawa’s newest solution to gluten intolerance and vegan dietary restrictions. These Persian sweets are best served with black tea or coffee, and are deliciously sweet without being overwhelming.

Sweet Bakery officially launched in May 2014 at Ravenswing Festival. The bakery put together several boxes of gluten free sweets, and by the end of the day they were almost completely sold out. Since then, they have opened up on online catering business and do smaller personal packages by delivery.



“Persian pastries that we bake at Sweet Bakery are mostly the types of pastries that are baked during the Persian New year (Nowruz) in Iran,”

The bakery’s founder, Shirin says, “I remember as a child when my mother used to go to the bakery and put in our orders a couple of months before the New Year, and since then I have always had a sweet tooth – couldn’t wait for the New year to come so I could start eating those delicious pastries.”

Sweet Bakery really took form from there once Shirin realized she herself was intolerant to so many ingredients found in most other baked goods.

Freshness is of utmost importance. And they do not use preservatives in their goods. They often ask specifics of location and event type so they are able to deliver the sweets as fresh as possible. “Persian pastries are very different from what we are used to as pastry and baked goods here in Canada, it’s very different from a muffin, a cookie or a donut. I always say these delicacies are somehow like Godiva chocolate, it’s something that you have to savour the taste of when you eat them. You know, traditionally we eat one or two with a glass of hot tea.”

The ingredients include cardamom, rose water, orange blossom water, and occasionally saffron. The treats are delicious, moist and sweet without being overwhelming. The bakery has clearly done their research into traditional methods, and each piece is perfectly sized, flavored and different from the others.

The recipes come straight from the source. Shirin makes a point to call up family friends and elderly seasoned bakers for their tricks of the trade when it comes to Persian treats. Each province in Iran has its own pastries and Shirin makes an effort to bring the different pastries to Canada.

Sweet Bakery can be found on Facebook, and orders can also be taken by email at or by phone at (613)255-2200