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Support Local showcase: Book sale at the Ottawa Public Library on November 23

By Apartment613 on November 20, 2013


The National Capital Region is overflowing with amazing literary talent.  To celebrate the great wordsmiths in our midst, Apartment613 has organised a book sale of local authors who write in English, French and/or Spanish.  The event takes place this coming Saturday, November 23, from 11 am to 4 pm, at the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library (120 Metcalfe) .

Bookworms will be able to purchase books from, and have their copies signed by, 20 local writers and one comic book publisher.  This event is part of Support Local month, and is co-sponsored by the Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Three independent bookstores will also be participating at the event: Kaleidoscope Kids (1018 Bank), Perfect Books (258 Elgin) and Octopus Books (116 Third Ave. and 251 Bank).  The three bookstores will be selling the works of some of the authors present at the event, as well as local writers who were unable to participate at the sale in person.

Also present will be Tammie Winsor, a local author who achieved her literary dream thanks to the CBC.  Back in 2012, the CBC radio show All In A Day did an event called Hopes And Dreams as a fundraiser for the Shepherds of Good Hope.  Listeners raised as much money as they could, and in exchange CBC tried to make their dreams come true.  Tammie’s dream was to publish a children’s book, and after raising a crazy amount of money released Jack and The Fairy Dogmother.  (Look out for a future review on Apartment613).

Below are the 20 other authors and one comic books publisher who will be participating in person at the November 23 sale.  Authors who have been reviewed by Apartment613 are highlighted with a hyperlink, while writers who will be reviewed in the near future are also mentioned.

All books in English unless noted otherwise: E=English F=French S=Spanish


Peggy Blair
Mike Martin

Fiction / Science Fiction / Fantasy

Rita Donovan (fiction)
Deborah Jackson (science fiction)
Victoria Dunn (fiction & fantasy)
Caroline Frechette (fiction/comics – E & F)
Christian McPherson (fiction/poetry) – review on Apartment613 upcoming


Chris Jennings
Shane Rhodes


Mirror Comics – review on Apartment613 upcoming

Non-fiction: Pregnancy and Parenting

Katina Michelis

YA Novels

Tudor Robins
Jeff Ross
Kate Jaimet
Pierre-Luc Bélanger (F)

Children’s Books

Rachel Eugster
Christiane D’Aoust (E & F)
Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair (novels/children’s books – E & F)


Camila Reimers (fiction – E & S)
Gabriela Etcheverry (fiction – E, S & F)
Jorge Etcheverry (fiction/poetry – E & S)