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Support Local: HiLoTrons at the Sheep November 2nd

By Megan Underwood on October 30, 2013



In the bustling Bridgehead in Hintonburg, I got the opportunity to sit down with HiLoTron’s Mike Dubue to talk about the band’s upcoming show at The Blacksheep Inn on November 2nd and what he loves about our fair city. Having followed the HiLoTrons since 2002, I was pretty stoked to meet with Mike and hear what he had to say about the band’s journey and their evolution of sound and self over the years in their quest to “be as genre-less as possible”.

Apt613: Let’s talk about HiLoTrons shows over the past year. How have they changed?

Mike: Every single time we play live is almost completely different from the last time we played. Since our record came out in January, every single HiLoTrons show has been 100% different from the previous and it’s really intentional and I’m trying to perfect that. What I’m trying to do – and I haven’t really figured out how to do this yet and it doesn’t really make sense right now – but I would like to constantly be touring and working but every single show is different. With that comes a lot of failure though. For example, I recall this Toronto show we did and it was basically a noise show and it sent people leaving the room. This show at the black sheep is an 11 piece band with drums, bass, congas, sousaphone, vocoder, synth, guitar and lap steel with live synthesized projections provided by Hard Science.

What’s your vision for this show at The Sheep?

This is the second time were doing the 11-piece. So the intention is… I guess it’s just an ultimate dance night. That’s the goal. We’re going to clear away everything at The Sheep so there won’t be any tables or anything and it’s definitely not a sit down show.

Um, that sounds incredible. Can you give me five words that you would use to describe the upcoming show?

Party, dancing, energy, dangerous and…sexual.

Haha, that’s amazing! Now, let’s get into the local aspect. What do you love about the Ottawa music scene?

What I love about the Ottawa music scene is Hull and Gatineau. I think the French side of our music community is producing …I find a lot of what’s coming out of hull is really interesting. I’m excited about a lot of classical music in the city as well. I’m a really huge fan of Soul Jazz Orchestra, I think they’re probably one of my top favourite bands in the city.

What is the heart of the city for you?

The Gatineaus. We are surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside, mountains; it’s just such an insanely gorgeous city. For me, that’s the be-all and end-all of Ottawa.

Where is your favourite spot in Ottawa to be to work or to create?Hilotrons

Well, my direct answer is always going to be Wakefield. I live there and I love it. To me, it’s an Ottawa settlement outside of Ottawa. I would say the same thing for Russell and I would say the same thing for Calabogie, Perth… I just love the countryside of Ottawa. However, I would also say the beautiful nature trails in Kanata and I love the Arboretum area.

Thanks, Mike!

So, if that hasn’t convinced you to get out to Gatineau for some nature appreciation and/or some grooving, I don’t know what will. For all those wanting to get up to Wakefield to dance the night away to the HiLoTrons Big Band and their openers Goodluck Assembly and Hydrothermal Vents, there is a party school bus being organized for advanced ticket holders. Tickets are $10 and you can purchase them here. And if you want on the bus, email Mike at When someone describes a show as dangerous and sexual, you know it’s going to be a good time… see you there!