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Artist Pansee Atta. Photo: Kristina Corre

Now open: Studio Space Ottawa is a new space for artists

By Mathew Adams on October 23, 2019


There is a new artist studio space just off of south Bank Street at 2477 Kaladar Street. Sculpture and welding artist Kathy Bergquist discovered a closed amusement centre and asked about renting a single studio space. She was initially turned down; however, the building’s owners did offer to rent the space to a group of artists if they were willing to take a more substantial portion of the building. Seeing the potential of the space, a steering committee was formed to create a new non-profit artist studio space.

“Ottawa, overall, doesn’t have that industrial infrastructure as other cities because it’s never really been a manufacturing centre, so there is just a lack of warehouse space. We are hoping to solve at least some of that problem by offering spaces here,” says Anna Frlan, an artist at Studio Space Ottawa.

The 19 spaces range in size and price from $150 to $1000 a month for a one-year lease. At the time of the open house on September 9, 2019, only one space was remaining. The studios can be shared, so there could be more than 19 artists in the space. Currently, all the studio spaces are on the second floor of the building, but there are already plans to expand onto the first floor.

“We are also developing a part of the first floor for sculptural practices. We are just trying to attract more of these sculptural types of arts for that area of the building,” says Frlan.

Here’s what a few of the artists have to say about the new space:

Artist Pansee Atta. Photo: Kristina Corre

Finding an affordable, centrally-located, safe, and reliable studio space in Ottawa has been an ongoing struggle that has deeply affected my practice: it is, in part, why I’ve been primarily working in New Media and animation for the last few years. Having this space allows me to work in traditional media again, which is incredibly exciting!—Pansee Atta

Artist Victoria Palmer. Photo: Anna Frlan

I am very pleased to be able to rent space here. My old space was in a building near Bronson which is now going to be rebuilt as condos, and quite a number of us had to leave and look for something else. Studio Space Ottawa is great, and has saved me from trying to paint in a very small flat, working mainly in what is essentially the bedroom. Altogether, it seemed that good studio space was pretty hard to find in Ottawa.—Victoria Palmer

If you are interested in checking out the studio, looking for a studio, or keeping up with Studio Space Ottawa, check out their Facebook page. Visit them for their Grand Opening on Friday, October 25th from 6-9 pm.