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All photos by Alex Wong.

Gift Guide: Stomping Ground, Ottawa’s newest menswear boutique, for the dapper guys on your list

By Apartment613 on November 16, 2016

Post by Alex Wong. Alex loves fashion and photography. You can often find him wandering Ottawa taking pictures. Check out his pictures on Instagram at

Stomping Ground is a new men’s boutique in the Glebe that focuses on timeless, well-made pieces. 

The store was created by Josh Chambers and Naj Peterson, two down-to-earth guys who live and breathe by their store’s philosophy of knowing where the clothing is made, the heritage of the brands, and their exceptional quality.


The store has an open concept with a minimal design that utilizes beautifully stained wood to contrast the stone used for the counters. Chambers and Peterson took a chance by designing and building the store themselves. Thanks to Chambers’ background in construction, their ideas really took off.

The two found that Ottawa lacked a place for men to find clothes with both a streetwear style and a mature sensibility suited to adults. With that in mind, they started their own shop to provide products aimed to bridge the gap between youthful streetwear and the subtlety of adulthood, focusing on quality above hype.


With a well-designed store to showcase a wide-selection of classic pieces that will last for years, Peterson & Chambers want Ottawa to realize the impact that fast fashion has on the global community.

Instead of buying shirt after shirt that you wear once or twice before they melt off your body, they want to introduce pieces that are well made, often cut and sewn by hand, and that also provide local jobs. They offer many North American made brands like Unbranded (Montreal, Canada), Muttonhead (Toronto, Canada), Golden Bear (San Francisco, US), and Chippewa Boots (Chippewa Falls, US). 

Personally, as a young professional who loves streetwear Stomping Ground is the perfect blend of my lifestyle and passion. I can buy a pair (or two… or even three) amazing-looking sneakers while getting a nice button-down shirt that I can wear on casual Fridays in the office. I think this store really hits the mark on what Ottawa is missing for men’s fashion, and they provide friendly service to really elevate the whole experience. So go drop on by, say hi, grab a complimentary drink, and just be amazed by the quality of products. You won’t regret it.
Also, with the holidays approaching, Josh and Naj took the time to choose some nice gifts ideas, check them out below:


Left to right, top to bottom: 


Left to right, top to bottom:

You can find Stomping Ground at 728 Bank St.  For more information, visit their website, or find them on Facebook or Instagram.