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Steve Adamyk on his band’s latest record, plans for 2013, and his punk music infuences

By Sacha K.W. on April 26, 2013


Steve Adamyk is the front-man for the Steve Adamyk Band, one of the best bands going in Ottawa right now.  Their latest album Third was released this past February on Dirtnap Records.  Steve was nice enough to talk with me on Facebook about the group’s upcoming tour, the first punk bands he ever listened to, and more.  Below is a transcript of our discussion edited for length.

Apartment613: What’s coming up in 2013 that you’re excited about?

Steve Adamyk:  We’ve got a west-coast tour coming up in May, for starters, that we’re really excited about.  Other than that, we’ve got slots in town playing Ottawa Explosion in June, as well as Bluesfest in July.  Beyond that, we’re playing a few dates with a band called Night Birds in August, and then there’s even the possibility of touring Japan in December, which we’re still entertaining.  Our new album just dropped in February, so we’re still supporting that, but we’ll start tracking for a new album somewhere near the end of the year as well.

Apartment613: I saw Night Birds on The Chris Gethard Show a while back and thought they were great. Are you playing Ottawa with them?

SA: We sure are! It’ll be sometime in late August. Chris Gethard actually asked us to play his show in NYC at some point as well, but we’ve yet to be able to make it down.

Apartment613: You should!  TCGS is the best.  Next question: How would you compare your new record to your others? Do you think your band has changed or evolved since you last made a record?

SA: The band has evolved a lot in the last couple of years, but we’ve also been able to solidify our sound.  We wanted to dig even deeper into making the perfect blend of punk with melody and aggressiveness.  Our last album was a little more varied than our first, so it made sense to have our third LP be something a little more concise.  Essentially, we wanted to really do a good job of what we do, before moving on to other sounds in the future (which may or may not happen).

Apartment613: How have you thought about changing your sound in the future?

SA: Not necessarily changing; we’re always going to be a punk band that has pop sensibilities.  But with that said, I think it might be difficult to release, for example, eight albums or something that all sound similar.  We’ll definitely do something to switch it up, without steering too far away from what we’ve been doing all along.

Apartment613: When did you first become interested in punk rock, if you can remember?

SA: As cliché as it is, Green Day’s Dookie was the first punk record I ever listened to, from front to back.  That said, I didn’t really get into punk fully until the next year (1994), when I heard bands like Bad Religion, Nofx, Eric’s Trip, etc.  My mind was forever warped from there on in.

Apartment613: When was the first time you played a show in a punk band?

SA: If memory serves me right, it was at the Walter Baker sports complex in Nepean in 1997.  There may have been a coffee house performance or two at Glebe high school shortly before that, though. My first “bar” show with a band was at Bumpers (which is now The Works on Bank Street) in the fall of 1998.