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Photo courtesy of the Steadies.

The Steadies to bring summer vibes back to Ottawa

By Apartment613 on May 27, 2016



Post by Nicole Irvine

Live music in the summer always has a special quality to it – yes, it is entirely cliché. But after being cooped up for over six months of the year, it feels good to finally strip away the oversized, cable-knit sweaters and let loose with the perfect summer soundtrack.

Luckily for us in Ottawa, we’ll be able to get that ball rolling with some performances by reggae-dance rockers The Steadies.

The Saskatchewan natives are coming to the Heart & Crown Byward this week, bringing their unique flavor of “Island Rock”, a style of music that they’ve invented for themselves.

“It’s our own style – it’s a hybrid of mixing different sounds together to make things new because a lot of things have been done already,” says Lead Vocalist and Bassist Earl Pereira, explaining that it combines some of the most interesting and high energy aspects of music: reggae, funky groove based sounds and rock n’ roll.

For The Steadies, combining the different styles is easy as each member is able to bring something new and unique to the table. Pereira was a member of the Juno nominated band Wide Mouth Mason, while Guitarist Justin “Juice” Lee hails from Trinidad, bringing his Caribbean flavor, and drummer Lexie Miller uses her hard metal background to bring lots of energy to the set.

The high energy and unique sounds can be seen on The Steadies’ most recent effort, Love Revolution. The inspiration for this album came not only from their friends and family, who they watched go through hard times, but through the worlds recent hardships as well.

“When you start writing an album, there [are] some concepts you want to talk about… with the Paris attacks and other stuff like Syria – just horrible things that have been happening – we just think that the world needs some love,” adds Pereira.

Pereira also describes their newest addition as, “the whole global idea of spreading goodness and positivity… because that’s the energy we like to give off when we play music.”

With this overarching theme of self-love, The Steadies have also gone beyond this to work with local Saskatchewan charities. This can be linked to their newest initiative, which partners them with Music Heals Canada, which assists in encouraging show attendees to collect and bring in used iPods to donate to the Music Heals iPod Pharmacy and in support of music therapy initiatives in Saskatchewan.

While The Steadies are working to bring their good vibes to Ottawa crowds, they point out that this isn’t the first time that they have played in the city. Eclectic crowds have a tendency to gather at their Ottawa shows, full of a variety of people from different walks of life. In fact, Pereira looks on Ottawa shows fondly, especially with a bit of unexpected spontaneity after playing shows over Canada Day weekend here in the capital in 2013.

“We played like four nights and it was like a sea of glass that was broken, and we ended up bloody by the end of the weekend. We were just cut up, and like ‘what is happening?!’ It felt like we were playing CBGB’s in New York or something.”

With that being said, The Steadies will definitely be rocking the house during their performances this week. Whether you love their brand of ‘Island Rock’, the self-love message of their music, or just the high-energy summer vibes that transcend beyond their music to their audiences, it surely defines the start of a great live music season.

Catch The Steadies on the Mother McGintey Stage for three sets a night at the Heart & Crown Byward May 26th, 27th and 28th from 8pm-2am. Attendees wishing to support Music Heals Canada can bring iPods to the show for donation.

Lead single “Take Me Home” and the rest of the Love Revolution album can be sampled and bought at,