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Photo by Aaron Cayer.

Join Apt613 and Birling for the Social Book Exchange—01.28.18

By Aaron Cayer on January 26, 2018

Aaron Cayer is the co-founder of For Pivots Sake, the Ottawa Skateboard Community Association, and co-owner of Birling skate shop.

We at Birling, in collaboration with the folks at Black Squirrel Books, Apartment613 and KingMag want you to join us for the Social Book Exchange at Citizen (207 Gilmour St) this Sunday, January 28.

First let’s debunk some common myths. Books are not just for stashing weed!

Photo by Aaron Cayer.

Nope! They can be used for more than just holding down paper, collecting dust and propping open old windows. Books, as it turns out, are made for reading, and better yet, they are made for SHARING.

Second, contrary to popular belief skateboarders can READ. The next time you see us skating under a “No Skateboarding” sign it is not because we’re illiterate, it’s because we are defiant. Actually we love reading and want to share our love for books with you.

So, taking all of these things into account, we have decided to host a special event to celebrate reading and books: The Social Book Exchange.

This is a night of appetizers, ideas, and sharing at Citizen. Bring a friend and more importantly a book.

Cheers and happy reading!

The Social Book Exchange is taking place at Citizen (207 Gilmour St) from 8–11pm on Sunday, January 28. Invite friends on Facebook.