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Singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge returns to the NAC + ticket giveaway

By Apartment613 on January 16, 2015

Post by Christine Seguin.

Guys, it’s cold out there. The holidays are over and it would be so easy for all of us to hide away in our homes and hibernate until May. Sometimes though, this city offers a reason to take the ten minutes to bundle up and face the cold.

Toronto based singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge will be gracing the National Arts Centre on January 23rd. This time around, he’s hoping for some good luck. “I played it once before and CBC Radio was recording it for a live broadcast. That was the show that all my instruments decided to break. My strap fell off three bars into the first song, my guitar player broke his string, which never happens.”

Justin had a great attitude about the night of folly. “It turned out to be quite a funny night. Things were going wrong but the audience was with us the whole night.” I was there that fateful evening and it was indeed memorable. Justin took all the hitches in stride and the show was interactive and fun.

The audience can expect a show that will be more intimate in the sit-down setting. “I will probably play some of the quieter material that I don’t get to play as often. I usually play clubs and have to compensate for a crowd”. Listeners can look forward to a selection from Valleyheart as well as songs from his Tragically Hip cover album, Daredevil.

We spoke a while about his reasons for covering the endeared Canadian band. “I didn’t really know of any covers of theirs except for Sarah Polly’s [cover of Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)]. They are such a big Canadian band, I thought it was about time someone started covering them. I was really interested in the contrast of their music and mine. I was interested in looking at their songs from a song writing point of view.”

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I also spoke with Justin about some of the other projects he’s working on. Justin plays in a L.A. based band called Early Winters and they are currently working on their third album. He also performed music for a stage adaptation of The Graduate. “I always love working in theatre because it’s such a different approach creatively. I really enjoy the work ethic in a theatre production. You’re working six hours a week for eight hours a day. I think actors are really wonderful and skilled people. Music doesn’t really take your entire being but acting really does.”

Layer on your winter gear and join this award-winning multi-talented minstrel on the 23rd. It’s sure to be a memorable evening of great music and sing-alongs. Here’s hoping everything stays in one piece.

We are happy to announce we are giving away two pairs of tickets for this show. Just send us an email with “Daredevil” in the subject line by Wednesday, January 21 at noon. We will select two winners by random draw.

Justin Rutledge is at at the NAC Studio on Friday, January 23, 2015. Show starts at 8pm. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased here.