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Yuzu Glazed croffle. Photo from Sharpfle Waffle.

Sharpfle Waffle brings Korean specialty ‘croffles’ to Hintonburg

By Yasmin Nissim on September 16, 2022


Yuzu Glazed croffle. Photo from Sharpfle Waffle.

Sharpfle Waffle, in my humble opinion, is currently Hintonburg’s best-kept secret. A relatively recent addition to the neighbourhood, this small but mighty café opened in December of 2021 and shares its space with a realtor company at 1130 Wellington St. W.

Sharpfle serves up a wide selection of well-crafted beverages and delicious pastries, with the star of the show being the croffle. For those who may be unfamiliar, a croffle is the spectacular lovechild between a croissant and a waffle. First created by Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox in 2017, croffles have since swept the globe, gaining significant popularity in South Korea – and now Ottawa!

James Choi, the owner and creative mastermind behind the lovely creations at Sharpfle, originally hails from South Korea and has brought the full force of his culinary expertise to each tantalizing innovation. Everything offered by Sharpfle has been assembled with an incredible amount of forethought and care. Flavour, texture, aroma, appearance, and even the pleasing crunch of the croffle itself, expect all of your senses to be engaged and delighted with every bite. With a focused selection of items for customers to enjoy, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve tried just about everything on Sharpfle’s carefully curated menu. It became somewhat a summer hobby to head over on the weekend with my partner so we could work our way through all of the offerings!

Egg sandwich. Photo from Sharpfle Waffle.

If you’re visiting for the first time, you can’t go wrong with any option; it’s more about what you’re in the mood for. If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, the Financiers, Crunch Cream Puff, or Cinnamon & Sugar croffle are fantastic treats you can easily eat on the go. If you’re a peanut butter and jelly fan, you absolutely have to try the Soy Butter & Jelly croffle. And if you’re feeling a little “hangry” and need something substantial to quell your tummy demons, the savoury Ham Cheese Avocado will leave you totally satisfied.

Personally, my favourite croffles this summer have been the Egg Sandwich, Lotus Cream, and Yuzu Glazed. The humble egg sandwich has been elevated to decadent heights at Sharpfle. Served open-faced on a perfectly golden croffle, this sumptuous egg salad is topped with crispy fried onions, fresh micro greens, hibiscus pickled shallot, and dusted with a light sprinkling of dehydrated black olives. The Lotus Cream showcases the warm spices of Lotus Biscoff cookies alongside a luxurious spiced cream. Lastly, the Yuzu Glazed is a symphony of citrus that I know will be one of my favourites over the winter. Orange zest, juicy grapefruit slices, and fresh mint leaves accompany this generously glazed croffle.

In terms of drinks, the selection is just as eye-catching and well-made as the croffles. My favourite drink has been the Yuzu Lemonade, and my partner has been raving about the quality and depth of the coffee, as well as the selection of coffee beans for purchase. Beans are brewed to perfection using a pour-over method that blooms all flavours beautifully. I recently tried something called an Einspänner (Viennese coffee with whipped cream) which I will definitely be getting again.

Lotus Cream croffle. Photo from Sharpfle Waffle.

James has passion and a strong commitment to excellence, along with a desire to add to the community. Speaking with him recently, James told me he wants “to make this a community forming process. If you like good coffee, we want to educate people on speciality coffees, and of course our croffle menu!” I was also given a little tip that cupping sessions will be coming soon for anyone looking to develop their coffee skills.

Head over to Sharpfle for an indulgent experience and welcoming, attentive service. And did I mention affordable? Everything on the menu is under $10! Sharpfle is also available for delivery through Uber Eats, and you can order pick-up online.

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