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Series Dance 10 presents contemporary dance in an intimate setting

By Amanda Armstrong on September 25, 2014




Contemporary dance is both a combination of and separate from all other forms of dance. When watching a performance, the thoughts and emotions one has in response to what they see are their own, explored through the movement of the piece. Similar to abstract art, in that it isn’t clearly laid out in front of you, what you interpret and take away from a contemporary dance performance is much more a result of your own introspection and experience, the direction of which is inspired by the piece. The choreographer and dancers lead you in a certain direction, but where you arrive is somewhere uniquely your own.

This weekend, you have the opportunity to be taken on such a journey, lead by an all women team of artistic directors, choreographers and dancers as a part of Series 10 Dance, put on by the Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD).

ODD is a centre for contemporary dance in Ottawa. They run classes and workshops, support 3 creation residencies annually, and host several performances, including Series 10 Dance.

As described on Ottawa Dance Directive’s website, Series 10 Dance “presents the work of local, national, and international dance artists with diverse cultural, gender, and generational viewpoints”  in an intimate setting. This installment of Series 10 Dance presents the work of choreographer Sylvie Desrosiers and author/director Marie Brassard. Sylvie Desrosiers has over 30 years of dance experience and is the founder and artistic director of Dorsale Danse, as well as a founding member and artistic director of the Ottawa Dance Directive. Marie Brassard is an internationally renowned contemporary playwright, who founded Infrarouge, her own production company, in 2001. Both women have extensive experience in the exploration of emotion through dance.

Volte Face, the creation of Sylvie Desrosiers, is a trio piece performed by Amelia Griffin, Kay Kenney, and Marilou Lépine. It is an exploration of humanity and the emotions that unite us. Absence, created by Marie Brassard, is a solo piece performed by Sarah Williams. This piece is about the feeling of isolation within ourselves – the feeling of aloneness that one often feels, even when in the presence of others.

The dancers are all immensely talented, in their own right. Sarah Williams has danced, co-produced, and choreographed several works throughout her career, including having co-produced three full length dance performances. She has also performed with La La La Human Steps and Robert Lepage. Kay Kenney currently dances for two dance companies. She also organized Dancing in the Streets, a series of improvised dance performances which took place in public spaces throughout Ottawa as part of a performance internship at the School of Dance. In addition to dancing for several choreographers, Marilou Lépine has created 4 pieces of her own in the past 5 years. Amelia dances for several dance companies, including Propeller Dance, a dance company for individuals with and without disabilities. She is also a yoga instructor and yoga therapist.

Through the movement of the bodies of these incredible artists, the pieces explore complex and intense emotions that are relatable to all. Come explore your own thoughts on the feelings that connect humanity and our inevitable periods of feeling alone.

Series Dance 10 will be presented at the newly renovated ODD BOX Studio Theatre at Arts Court (2 Daly Ave), September 25-27 at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite or reserved by calling (613)233-6266.