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Saxsyndrum play Pressed Nov. 8

By Megan Underwood on November 7, 2013


Lucky me, I took a weekend trip to my favourite city in Quebec and got to spend some time with Montreal’s Saxsyndrum at Resonance Café as we chatted about their upcoming show over a bowl of chips and guacamole. David and Nick, the two lovely humans that make up Saxsyndrum shared with me their thoughts, feelings and ideas about their music and upcoming Ottawa show at Pressed on Friday, November 8th.

Apt613: So is this Ottawa show part of a little tour?

Nick: Technically, yes. It’s spread out over a few weekends: we’re doing Montreal on October 31st, Ottawa on November 8th and then the following weekend we’re playing in Toronto.

My favourite question to ask bands is to try and explain your sound in five words…

Nick: Oh that’s tough! Alternate words?
Dave: Yah.
Nick: Okay, I’ve got the first two: Electro jazz.
Dave: Uhhh… nerd dance?
Nick: Energetic. Honestly, it’s almost like frenzied.
Dave: Fun. I’ll have to say fun.
Nick: Oh not fun, that’s too broad! Frenzied.

Haha. So, what made you want to make the trip to Ottawa for a show?

Dave: It’s like the next logical step for us to play Ottawa and Toronto. We have lots of friends and connections there and it’s close by – only two hours away!

You guys are doing these shows to celebrate the release of your new EP, Future Circus. Tell me when would be the perfect time to listen to it?

Dave: It’s definitely a good, begin your day and get out the door kind of music. One of our songs is entitled “Lace Up” and it really embodies the lace up your shoes and get out there idea.
Nick: I would say it’s like going out and wanting to hit the town music. Something you could listen to as you’re about to head out to a bar.

How did you guys get together and start Saxsyndrum?

Dave: We played together in a band called Bananafish and when that band broke up, Nick and I wanted to move back to having just two people because it’s easier to create more concise music.
Nick: And to focus on song writing a lot as well. Also, I always loved when people would dance along and it triggered something in me that I wanted to make dance music. So just taking my jazz background and Dave’s funk passion and having people be able to dance to that music.

So, Dave, if you’re playing sax, and Nick, you’re playing drums… who’s playing synth?

Dave: It’s a sampler.
Nick: Yeah, basically it’s broken up into sections. I have a drum pad that’s also hooked up to the sampler.

Future Circus. What are some of your influences?

Nick: I basically, recorded a whole bunch of ideas that were very much influenced by LCD Soundsystem and sent it to Dave to jam on. Then we kind of structured it together and the drums really came last.
Dave: Two or three of the songs we didn’t play together until after it was fully recorded, so that was a new experience for us. It was a really interesting process of recording it all in the studio first and then trying to figure out doing it all together live.

Thanks, guys! So if you want to groove to Saxsyndrum’s combination of electronic production with acoustic jazz, check them out this Friday, November 8th at Pressed with Adam Saikaley and Bucko. You can find all the event info here and tickets are $10 at the door. See you there!