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SAW Video symposium a graph, a lovely tree convenes artists in virtual space—06.25.20 to 06.27.20

By Greggory Clark on June 24, 2020

Artist-led discussions, communal dinners over Zoom, a pasta-making workshop, and live performances are all a part of SAW Video’s upcoming symposium.

Convening in virtual space from June 25 to 27, “a graph, a lovely tree” will engage with ways in which artists continue to work within the digital medium, its problematic challenges, and its potential for building communities. The title is inspired by a line in Radia Perlman’s poem Algorhyme, written while creating the Spanning Tree Protocol.

Led by artists who have been using digital technology to make their works, “a graph, a lovely tree” will create space for conversation as well as organizations such as Ottawa Queer Arts Collective, Transgender Media Portal, TIMEKODE, and Debaser, who use digital means to connect and expand their communities. “Often times, when experiencing conversations around technology we are met with themes of how-this-works at the exclusion of how-this-works-for-us,” says symposium curator Anyse Ducharme.

“We had originally planned to convene in person,” adds Ducharme, “but COVID’s realities brought this symposium’s theme to a whole other level!”

Panels include a conversation about how artists are using aesthetics in digitally networked spaces; a discussion with artists whose work is transforming the contemporary Indigenous narrative using audio, video and multimedia; an update from the artists participating in Knot Project Space’s stay-at-home-web-residency program; and a panel about the difficult dynamic in these COVID-19 times for mothers with active artistic practises.

The evening program includes live performances by Xuan Ye, an artist, musician and web engineer; Pansee Atta, whose work incorporates video, installation, sculpture and painting; experimental ambient musician Wellington Sanipe; an original collaboration by Instant Places (Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse); and a special set by TIMEKODE deejays Memetic and Zattar.

Visit for the complete program and schedule and to register for the free symposium.

Thursday, June 25

12pm — Land acknowledgement and opening ceremony with Albert Dumont.

1pm — Art, Digitally Networked Spaces (Panel Discussion) with Christina Battle, Amber Frid-Jimenez, and Rihkee Strapp.

2:30pm — Pasta making workshop with Tonia Di Risio (ingredients here – no pasta machine required).

3:30pm — Indigital Cultures (Panel Discussion) with Aylan Couchie, Stephanie Pyne, and Albert Dumont.

5:30pm — Pasta supper with Tonia Di Risio.

7:30pm — Performances by Xuan Ye, Wellington Sanipe, Pansee Atta, Instant Places.

Friday, June 26

1pm — WEBr: stay-at-home-web-residents in conversation (Panel Discussion) with Calla Durose-Moya, Jay Havens, and artist team Erin Gee & Jen Kutler.

3:30pm — Sex, Body & the Internet (Panel Discussion) with Almond, James Albers, and Mélissa Airaudi.

5:30pm — Bits & Bites: Digital Dinner Party.

9pm — TIMEKODE DJ set.

Saturday, June 27

1pm — Labouring Practise: Parenting, Art and the Internet (Panel Discussion) with Marisa Gallemit, Lesley Marshall, Laura Taler, and Deborah Margo.

3:30pm — Building Communities: Queer Networks (Panel Discussion) with Glenn Nuotio from Qu’ART, Kit & Oliver from Transgender Media Portal, and Jennifer Aja Fernandes from the ArQuives.

5pm — Closing ceremony with Albert Dumont.