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SAW Video launches Cultural Engineering

By Ania Szneps on March 10, 2015


When planning a revamp of some of Ottawa’s most iconic arts and culture venues — namely through the Arts Court Redevelopment — who better to turn to for help and creative input than a gallery that’s been around for 42 years?

SAW Video has launched Cultural Engineering, a project that is being produced in partnership with the City of Ottawa’s Community Arts Program and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. After a city-wide call for proposals, three artists have been selected to document and respond artistically to the Arts Court Redevelopment over the next 2.5 years. They have taken on the impressive task of publishing new artworks of various mediums on the Cultural Engineering website every three months. So who are they? Well, there’s:

Ottawa/Gatineau resident and multi-media artist Meredith Snider, one of two first contributors to have her works featured for this project. Snider’s focus will mainly be on “the Arts Court redevelopment as a production of social space from a historical and materialistic perspective.”

Timothy I. Smith, a photographic artist and the other half of the duo whose works will be available for your immediate viewing pleasure. Smith’s main interests lie in “the relationship between photography, video and how they are viewed in a digital form”.

And finally,

The Ottawa photographer, filmmaker, and artist, Jackson Couse. With an impressive résumé and plenty of Ottawa cred, Couse is sure to provide unexpected and exciting works throughout the Cultural Engineering project.

Be sure to visit the website regularly as these three artists reflect critically on the city’s transformation and provide plenty of thought-provoking visual commentary on the arts and where they belong in a city that bleeds politics.