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Delicious takeout. Photo: Run2patty.

Run To Run2Patty for Jamaican food on Boyd Avenue

By Bruce Burwell on December 4, 2020


Editor’s Note: Since this review was published, Run2Patty has relocated to 1224 Shillington Ave in Carlington.

While out for a pandemic walk in my neighbourhood, I passed by a Jamaican food takeout place. In the spirit of supporting very local businesses, I thought I would give it a try some evening and did the Google thing to check out its reviews and menu. I was surprised to find that there were not one but three places doing Jamaican food all within a short distance of my place.

The reviews didn’t tell me too much, so I picked the place with the best website and Instagram pictures and phoned in an order for pickup from Run2Patty. Everyone at my house enjoyed the patties and platters so I arranged to chat with Chef Jacob Henry about Run2Patty.


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Apt613: How long has Run2Patty been around?

Jacob Henry: I think I’ve been going about since 2018. I was in Algonquin College for culinary arts. And while I was in my second semester, I just started doing my thing, making patties and showing my food on Instagram. And yeah, a lot of people kept asking me about it and it just took off all on its own.

And where does the name come from?

I don’t know. It just hit me. You just run to patty. In Jamaica you would say like run to patty, it means, like, give me two patties.

So you have a catering and takeout business going on here. When the pandemic hit, what happened to the catering side?

I had maybe 15 catering jobs lined up for the month. Every single one called me within two days. Cancelled. Since then I’ve had one little catering job, only about 20 people.

Where do your recipes come from?

Honestly, it’s ones I picked up growing up. From my mother, grandma, just my culture, learning how to cook that style of food. Going back to Jamaica and coming back.

Who wants a dozen patties? Photo: Run2patty.

What’s your most popular patty?

The oxtail is super popular. So the second you make them, they’re gone.

And how about among the platters?

I definitely sell a lot of jerk chicken. People go for that. But if I have oxtail on the menu, you can guarantee that’s selling out for sure.


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Someday, hopefully soon, the pandemic is going to end. At that point, do you think you would just try and push the catering again or maybe do a sit-down restaurant?

I’m saving and hopefully I will have my own brick and mortar place one day. Not a sit down. I would just like my own location. I like the bakery style, but no sit-down, just takeout.

I’ve picked up food from Run2Patty twice now and we tried a few different things. All the patties we had were really tasty with a nice flaky pastry. I especially liked the oxtail patty and can understand why they sell out. I hadn’t had oxtail before and I was expecting something similar to hamburger, but it was much more dark, rich, and flavourful.

I enjoyed it so much that the next time we ordered I got the oxtail platter. Again, it was rich and flavourful, and the pull-apart texture of the pieces reminded me a lot of a slow-cooked short rib.

Our group also had the jerk chicken and spicy crispy shrimp platters and were very happy with everything we tried. We’ll be running back to Run2Patty again sometime soon.

Editor’s Note: Since this review was published, Run2Patty has relocated to 1224 Shillington Ave in Carlington.

Run2Patty cooks out of a a shared kitchen at 853 Boyd Avenue near Carling is located at 1224 Shillington Ave and serves food every day of the week from 11am–10pm (weekdays) and 5pm–10pm (weekends). Their menu changes every day and you can follow them on Instagram to see today’s menu.