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Photo: Théâtre du Trillium

Theatre Review: Lamelles and Running Piece double bill—until 11.23.19 at La Nouvelle Scène

By Livia Belcea on November 22, 2019

Le Théatre du Trillium, who holds residence at the Francophone theatre La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins, presents a bold and original dance double feature this weekend that is not to be missed. Although La Nouvelle Scène is a francophone venue, I’d encourage English speaking patrons to discover this cultural centre and indulge in these two dance performances that do not require you to master the French language to appreciate them.

James Gnam in ‘Running Piece’. Photo: Dominique Skoltz.

Running Piece, created by Jacques Poulin-Denis and performed by James Gnam, is an exhilarating audio-visual and kinetic journey taken on a stationary treadmill. For 55 minutes, the performer walked, ran and crawled through various paces, speeds and directions and impressively maintained his stamina and performed an elaborate choreography while being confined to the rolling mat of the treadmill. The visual projection, music and lighting were perfectly paired with the choreography and were successful in raising the audience’s heart rate, to match the performer’s.

Forced to continue moving forward at all cost, our running man sparks an internal reflection about how we spend and value finite time in a society obsessed with being busy and multitasking.

With Lamelles, Cédric Delorme-Bouchard created and produced a visual, auditory and sensory performance like no other. This breathtaking performance breaks down all preconceptions and expectations of what dance should be and offers the audience a perception on the human body rarely seen on stage. Mastering the art of light and darkness, Lamelles cuts, sculpts, distorts and highlights human bodies and their various parts with surgical precision and a hint of macabre strangeness while plunging the audience into obscurity and offering them just a narrow strip of light as their visual window.

‘Lamelles’. Photo: Le Théâtre du Trillium.

The choreography is so unique and makes such good use of both space and light, that it helps dissolve our senses and creates a space where air looks like water and proportions are no longer relevant. In addition to the incredible staging and production, Lamelles is beautifully executed by seven brave performers who quite literally bare it all. This show will not leave you feeling indifferent.

Running Piece and Lamelles are performed at La Nouvelle Scènes Gilles Desjardins (333 King Edward Blvd) until Saturday November 23, 2019. The shows are performed back to back Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and 9pm. Tickets cost $42 for the double feature or $30 individually online. Each show runs about an hour.