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A sheet of silver, new and recycled materials. Photo: Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle.

Residency: Eight questions for Apt613 readers

By Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle and Apartment613 on June 23, 2020

Earlier this week, we published a Q&A with Apartment613’s artist-in-residence, Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle. Now it’s her turn to ask questions of the Apt613 community and blog readers.

At this early stage of the project, Kathleen needs your input to make a few key decisions. Read on and please leave a reply in the comments section below!

If you’re just joining us now, visit to get caught up on Kathleen’s work and the story of Apt613’s new residency program.

Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle at her home studio. Photo provided.

Kathleen Atkinson-Hindle:

Thank you so much for taking the time to send along some questions on the project. I did my best to answer them and now I’m going to toss some questions back at you—so you can help me decide the direction of this project:

  1. I’m making a map of Ottawa from a single sheet of silver which will be broken into pieces to create necklaces. How do you think we should break up the city? By ward? By neighbourhood? Along natural landmarks? How many necklaces in total?

  2. How do you think the necklaces should be distributed? For sale (first come first served)? A silent auction? Something else?

  3. Is there someone special in your neighbourhood that you think really deserves some recognition?

  4. In what neighbourhood do you live? If you could pitch your neighbourhood as *the best Ottawa neighbourhood* in one sentence what would you say?

  5. I’m new (again) to Ottawa. What amazing spot in your hood do I need to check out?

  6. As someone being introduced to the art scene here, where do I start to get involved?

  7. How has COVID-19 affected your neighbourhood in particular?

  8. Where to get best place to order a vegetarian sandwich to-go in Ottawa?