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Like (or hate) what we do? Take our reader survey!

By Apartment613 on February 22, 2013


We do what we do here at Apt613 for two reasons: we have fun doing it, and we hope that it helps you connect with city in new and wonderful ways. For the most part we aren’t hard-nosed journalists, just people with day jobs and delusions of blogging grandure. We know we do somethings well, others less so (typos for example, although in our defense we’re pretty sure our spell-checker is possessed by a daemon). If you like what we do here, or if you don’t but – like a TV addict surfing past a Honey Boo Boo marathon – just can’t look away, please take the time to take our reader survey. It’s only six questions long, and it would be a great way to pay us back for any fleeting moments of entertainment we have provided to you over the years.

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