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Q&A: AL Connors on his new show DJ Detective

By Greggory Clark on June 14, 2017


For how long have you been sitting on this idea for a show?

Hmmm… really it only started to take shape starting in January/February. My fantastic wife, Heather Marie, came up with the title while we were on a bus going to a dinner party. We were riffing on something and came up with “AL Connors: DJ Detective” and then I pieced together a show to fit!

Has DJ Detective been performed or workshopped yet?

As of this writing, I’ve only had the two Fringe audiences, so far. I’d played it for a couple of pals who were on book, prompting me when I needed a line, during the rehearsal process, but the Fringe is the first take on the show.

Photo by Andrew Alexander

Photo by Andrew Alexander

What’s the oddest DJ gig you’ve played?

I know I say that bar gigs are boring in the show, however I’ve had a bar gig since the fall with fellow Fringer Greg Houston of Space Jameration, where we host BINGO together. Greg cracks jokes, and I play music, mostly based off BINGO number puns… Like, if a couple of Bs are called in a row, Greg might say that we really B’d it – and then I’d play Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. I’ve never had a gig remotely like it. Super fun.

What hit songs were playing when you started DJing?

I have the same anniversary as the Fringe – with my first paid gig in 1997 – so the stuff I played at the 1997 Party on Saturday night was right up my alley. Though I’ve always been a fan of the early nineties Much Music Dance Mixes. All pure gold.

What song gets you to the dancefloor when it comes on?

I like a lot of stuff. I guess the song that got me to leave the DJ console at the 90s party and go dance with everyone else was ‘Canned Heat’ by Jamiroquai. It has a real disco feel – I guess I like a lot of old disco stuff. It’s all music with a good groove and the songs are usually about dancing and having a good time.

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Do you have any pre-show music? What gets you fired up?

While I’m setting up the sound system, I like motown stuff. I got this great collection of original motown instrumentals which are amazing. The musicianship of those motown studio players is just incredible and the songs are just as danceable without the lyrics.

What types of audience reactions or post-show conversations are you hoping to get after DJ Detective?

The audience reactions have way exceeded my expectations. I get some people asking about a song played in the show, wanting to know who or what is was, which is cool. I guess I wasn’t sure how accessible the show was, but once it had an audience, the feedback was that, since pretty much everyone’s been to some sort of party, or wedding, or whatever, there’s a lot stuff in the play that people connect to.

Anything else you want audiences to know about the show?

It’s a little different every night. I play audience requests, and based on those requests and the general mood of the room, at the end I try and pick a song that people will dig. People are welcome to stick around to get down for one song at the end of the show (but also totally don’t have to – everyone has other shows to rush off to make).

AL Connors: DJ Detective is playing at Studio Léonard-Beaulne (135 Séraphin-Marion) until Sunday June 18, 2017. Tickets cost $12 online and at the door. Visit for the show schedule and box office info.