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Left to right, Sarah Finn, Jacqui du Toi, and Katie Ryerson in The Drowning Girls. Photo by Andrew Alexander.

Théâtre Rouge Écarlate and Great Canadian Theatre Company win Prix Rideau Awards for show of the year

By Greggory Clark on September 30, 2019




Et si un soir (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate) and The Drowning Girls (Great Canadian Theatre Company) have won the 2019 Prix Rideau Awards for best production of the year.

The prizes were awarded by the Prix Rideau Awards jury last night in Ottawa during a gala celebration at La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins. This year’s nominees include the best of anglophone and francophone theatre performed in Ottawa during the 2018-2019 season.

A haunting play about three brides who married the same man—and are all dead—The Drowning Girls by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson and Daniela Vlaskalic played at GCTC last fall. Bronwyn Steinberg directed Sarah Finn, Katie Ryerson and Jacqui du Toit in the show which stood out from all other anglophone productions in town. As you’d expect from an Outstanding Production winner, The Drowning Girls picked up several awards this year. Du Toit earned the Outstanding Female Performance award for her role as Alice, and set designer Brian Smith got the nod for Outstanding Design.

‘Et si un soir’ by Lisa L’Heureux

Written and directed by Lisa L’Heureux for Théâtre Rouge Écarlate, with the support of Théâtre du Trillium, Et si un soir was initially a writing project for the versatile artist. The stage show is a collection of four characters with dreamlike stories, touching on the absurd. Each story lives independently of the others, in no precise chronological order, even though threads connect them. Composer and sound designer Pierre-Luc Clément also earned the Prix Rideau for conception de l’année (Outstanding Design). Et si un soir was performed by Marc-André Charette, Lissa Léger, Manon St-Jules and Caroline Yergeau.

The 2019 Prix Rideau Award winners are:

English theatre

Outstanding Production: The Drowning Girls (Great Canadian Theatre Company)

Outstanding Direction: Bronwyn Steinberg, The Revolutionists (Three Sisters Theatre Company)

Outstanding Female Performance: Jacqui du Toit, The Drowning Girls (Great Canadian Theatre Company)

Outstanding Male Performance: Chris Ralph, The Virgin Trial (Great Canadian Theatre Company)

Outstanding Design: Brian Smith, set design, The Drowning Girls (Great Canadian Theatre Company); and Andrea Steinwand, scenic design, The Revolutionists (Three Sisters Theatre Company)

Emerging Artist: Franco Pang, creation and design

Outstanding New Work: Albumen by Mishka Lavigne (TACTICS)

Behind The Rideau: Laurie Champagne, stage manager, The Virgin Trial (Great Canadian Theatre Company)

French theatre

Production de l’année : Et si un soir (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate with support from Théâtre du Trillium)

Mise en scène de l’année : Milena Buziak, Cheval de bleu (Théâtre de la Vieille 17 et Voyageurs immobiles in collaboration with Théâtre français du CNA); and Geneviève Pineault, 39 marches (Théâtre de l’Île)

Conception de l’année : Pierre-Luc Clément, conception sonore, Et si un soir (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate with support from Théâtre du Trillium); and Benoît Brunet-Poirier, éclairages, Cheval de bleu (Théâtre de la Vieille 17 et Voyageurs immobiles en collaboration abec Théâtre français du CNA)

Prix Découverte : Emilio Sebastiao, éclairages

Prix Derrière le rideau : Gabriel Martine (La Nouvelle Scène Gilles Desjardins)

Texte de création : Michel Ouellette, Le Dire de Di