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Pride, Not Prejudice virtual craft fair gives platform to progressive, “controversial” vendors

By Shireen Agharazi-Dormani on April 21, 2021

As local events are now taking place online, progressive vendors have struggled with craft-show organizers rejecting or censoring their works for being considered too political. These vendors, as a result, have trouble finding their target audience as well as connecting with their community. Pride, Not Prejudice is here to fix this problem.

Since the success of the last Pride, Not Prejudice fair in November 2020, Ifs, Ands, or Buttons is taking over the event from the Feminist Twins and launching a second show. This virtual craft and community fair is taking place from April 22 to 25 and features more than 60 progressive vendors, community groups and workshops, all of which are local.

“It is rare to find a craft show that is also a community fair – or a craft fair that allows for progressive topics and ideas to be front and center,” says Kaitlynne-Rae, one of the organizers of the event. “As show organizers have pivoted to online, progressive vendors have been having issues with their works being declined or censored due to being ‘too political’ or ‘too controversial’. For example: working to ‘end rape culture’ is seen as inappropriate for some shows. This means that there is a gap where these vendors are not able to find their target audience and the community is not able to come together. Pride, Not Prejudice bridges that gap.”

A craft market is the centrepiece of this event, where feminist, racialized, progressive, and queer creators will be featured. This market also offers consolidated shipping, which means that you will receive all of your purchases in one package. Not only does this reduce carbon footprint, but it helps the vendors as well. The plan is for shoppers to buy from multiple vendors to support their works and raise as much money and awareness as possible. The market runs all weekend, from Thursday April 22 at 5pm to Sunday April 25 at 6pm.

The fair is also offering five workshops that are all free to attend:

All these workshops will take place on April 25 via Zoom, and anyone can register to join.


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In addition to the craft market and workshops, Pride, Not Prejudice is partnering with Homo Phono for Rise Up & Dance! This online dance party will take place on April 24 from 7–10 pm on Zoom. It’s an opportunity to get together virtually and have a good time, regardless of their dance skills, so #StayHomo and join in the fun!

Visit for the full schedule and complete list of vendors. RSVP on Facebook for event updates. The virtual community craft fair will take place from April 22–25, 2021. Admission is free. If you’d like to support the fair financially, you can do so in one of two ways. You can contribute towards removing the financial barrier for a vendor to participate or contribute towards the honoraria for workshop facilitators. Contact the organizers at <>.