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Podcast: Séan McCann is spearheading a Guitars for Vets benefit concert

By Josh Lemoine on November 8, 2017

“I believe that a secret can kill you, and a song can save your life.”

On this week’s podcast, singer-songwriter Séan McCann talks about spearheading a star-studded benefit show for the Guitars for Vets initiative. The show at Algonquin Commons Theatre on Friday, November 10 will feature McCann and guests Joel Plaskett, Jeremy Fisher, and Sarah Harmer.

Says McCann, “VETS Canada is a volunteer group of veterans, many of whom who have PTSD, who have gotten together to go in search of other veterans who have fallen through the cracks, the bureaucratic cracks, and are homeless. They’re the only people that I know of who are actually doing that. Once you go missing, once you succumb to an addiction or end up on the street, these are the only people who will go looking for you.”

Tickets for the songwriters’ circle are open to the public, but this wasn’t originally the plan. At first the idea was for tickets to be sold entirely within the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, but McCann and the organizers were greatly disappointed by their response.

“For whatever reason, we haven’t been able to engage them. They’re either not allowed, or just incapable. And I believe the system has failed.”

The goal of the show is to sell 700 tickets at $100 apiece, with each ticket equaling one guitar in the hands of a homeless veteran.

He goes on to explain that there are thousands of veterans in Canada who are homeless or in crisis, and that music, has the therapeutic power to help drastically improve their lives and help in their recovery. He knows this because he has seen it help others, as well as himself.

“My own guitar has been a huge help to me in my own recovery. I don’t think that without it I would be here today.”

Tickets for the show are available online. A tax receipt for $60 per ticket is available upon request. Doors are at 7:30pm, show starts at 8pm.