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Podcast: Jeremy Fisher has started writing children’s music

By Josh Lemoine on April 16, 2018



Jeremy Fisher has been around the music industry a while. The Hamilton-born, Ottawa-based singer-songwriter released his first solo album back in 2001. He’s won awards, and has put more physical effort into getting his music heard than most. To support that first solo release, he embarked in a cross-Canada tour by bicycle, simply because he couldn’t afford to do it another way.

“Life seemed to move a lot slower back then… It took about six months and I did 30 shows. I busked on the street and at farmers markets in between. It was a blast. I had the ambition to do what I’m doing now… and that was sort of a means to get there. I didn’t really have money and I didn’t own a car or anything, so it was a really cheap way to tour, see the country and play my music for people and build up an audience.”

Now, Fisher is aiming for a new audience. With 12 songs inspired by his two year old daughter, he released his debut children’s album Highway to Spell in March, under the name Jeremy Fisher Junior. It’s a different area of the industry, and for Fisher, it’s like being a new artist again.

“The fun thing is trying to crack the code and see it resonate with kids and see them react.”

“There’s an excitement to it that is reminiscent to when I was first starting out… It’s exciting to figure out how to reach people, get the music to the little people who are going to be interested in it. That’s the fun thing, is trying to crack the code and see it resonate with kids and see them react.”

In this interview, Fisher talks about the difference between kids music and ‘grown up’ music, whether he’d bike across Canada again, and a chance encounter he had with legendary children’s entertainer Raffi.


  • “Turtle & Guy” – Jeremy Fisher Junior [starts at 27:29]

This interview originally aired on the Apt613 show on CHUO 89.1fm on April 3, 2018.