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The ship's bell was the first artifact recovered from the HMS Erebus. Photo: Danny Globerman/Apt613.

Podcast: Solving the Franklin Expedition mystery—until 09.30.18 at the Canadian Museum of History

By Josh Lemoine on June 18, 2018

You may have heard of British explorer Sir John Franklin and his famous lost expedition. He went in search of the Northwest Passage, in 1845 with two ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and never to be seen again. What happened remained a mystery for more than 150 years, inspiring music, books and documentaries, speculating on what might have occurred.

Over the years, various artifacts from the expedition have been recovered, and recently both ships were discovered, in 2014 (HMS Erebus) and 2016 (HMS Terror). Now, you can learn about the mystery of Franklin’s lost expedition in the Canadian Museum of History’s exhibition, Death in the Ice.

On this podcast, we chat with Bianca Gendreau, manager of Contemporary Canada and the World for the Canadian Museum of History about the exhibit, the role Inuit oral tradition played in solving the mystery, and why Franklin’s exhibition holds such a unique place in the Canadian psyche.

You can visit Death in the Ice at the Canadian Museum of History until September 30, 2018. Admission to the museum costs $12–20. Visit for information and opening hours.