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Podcast: Camille Poliquin of Milk & Bone

By Josh Lemoine on February 22, 2018

This interview aired on CHUO 89.1fm on February 20, 2018.

This week, we’re chatting with Camille Poliquin, of the Polaris Prize-nominated duo Milk & Bone. They’ll be hitting the 27 Club on March 2nd.

Their 2015 debut album Little Mourning was long-listed for the Polaris Prize. Milk & Bone released their follow-up album Deception Bay on February 2nd to some fantastic reviews. The record features 14 songs where Camille and bandmate Laurence Lafond-Beaulne take on themes love and relationships from a number of angles, all to lush, catchy, and sometimes haunting melodies.

“Everyone was telling us how stressful a second album is supposed to be,” says Poliquin. “And so we weren’t nervous at first, but since everyone was telling us it was [stressful], we got nervous about it. I think we’re just really relieved that the album’s out and that everyone seems to like it so far.”

The Montreal-based band both grew up speaking French, but musically, the band is effectively anglophone. Both are heavily influenced by the English-speaking artists they grew up listening to.

“Most of the music that I’ve listened to throughout my entire life was in English. When I started writing songs, I was surrounded by English speaking people (I was in Australia at the time). It just always felt more natural in English somehow.”

We ask Camille about her early influences, travelling in Europe, and the best advice she’s ever received.


  • Milk & Bone – “Deception Bay” (starts at 17:48)

Tickets for Milk & Bone’s 19+ show at the 27 Club are $15 and are available online. Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 8:30.