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Jeremy Hotz at Algonquin Commons Theatre. Photo: Jared Davidson.

Podcast: Comedian Jeremy Hotz

By Asim B. and Jared Davidson on November 30, 2018

This week, Asim and Jared met in the Carlingwood Mall to relive their childhoods and take in the holiday festivities. Mall Santas, decked halls, and of course a wheeled train upon which children can tour the mall. All aboard for Apt613 Live, on location at Carlingwood Mall!

Asim and Jared discuss our festive lives, the mall, and the upcoming Apt613 Screening Party (which is happening Friday, November 30 and will be so fun). Plus, hear our reactions to the news that Apt613 had won a Canadian Online Publishing Award for the second year in a row.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Hotz’s website.

Next, we turn to the main event: an interview with comedian Jeremy Hotz, who played at Algonquin College on the 23rd of November. Hotz talked to Asim about his history with Ottawa, and the way his relationship to the city changed as he became more famous. He also gives a preview of his upcoming album, Profoundly Disappointed. You can read the full interview with Hotz over here, but here’s a little taste:

Apt613: There’s an art to crowd work. How did you develop your crowdworking skills in standup?

Hotz: I think that the most difficult thing to do is to make shit up on the fly right then and there, especially on TV. Because I hate myself so much, I think I constantly challenge myself to fucking do that, that’s what’s going on there.

I also think right now, well because the crowd knows me. Even in theatres, [the crowd] knows I do it, so the seats up front are [sold] immediately because people want me to [do crowd work]. I’m not an asshole about it, you know what I mean? They actually become a part of the show. Where you become a star. Like, when you walk out of the show, people yell, “There’s the guy with the blue hat!”

Listen to the full interview, and the rest of our weekly CHUO 89.1FM radio show below: