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Play – It’s getting better…

By Apartment613 on February 22, 2009


Photo courtesy of fieldtripp on Flickr

Photo courtesy of fieldtripp on Flickr

I was going to title this review “not so fun” since my first experience at Play was just that. I went with a group of friends on the first Friday the restaurant was open. Everything was wrong but the food. There were 5 red wines available by the glass – how one can offer 5 glasses and call themselves a wine bar is beyond me. Our waiter was inattentive (I might have more service experience than he does) and our table was near the window and we were all freezing.

We ordered two cheese plates, each with five different samples. There were no accompaniments with the cheese – no jams or jellies or olives or anything. Worst? We were served only six crostinis. ?!?! We were four people. There were ten cheeses. Six tiny pieces of dried bread?

When we asked our waiter for some bread, he came back and gave us another seven pieces. Gee. Thanks.

The good part? The food is delicious. Especially the gnudi. The prices are pretty decent.

When I went back last night, our new waiter – waitress I should say – was terrific. The gnudi was just as delicious and there were far more wines on the list.

Hopefully, the improvements will continue… oh yes, and she did offer us a bit more bread to go with that cheese.