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Picturama! A photography show for all humankind

By Aisling McCaffrey on November 22, 2013

The Civil Servants present Picturama! Ottawa’s original anything-goes photography show.

In an age where Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter rule our lives and facilitate much of our interactions with others, the Civil Servants have created a uniquely social event to share your photography with strangers. It’s called Picturama! and it’s a new type of photo show.

The premise is simple. Any camera-wielding-human may submit up to 10 of their favourite 4×6 or 4×4 snap shots, the hosts of Picturama! will display them at Fall Down Gallery, and any and all attendees are welcome to purchase photos for $2 a pop. The artist then receives $1 for every picture sold. There is no theme to the event, so it’s really a laissez-faire evening celebrating photography in all its forms. The inspiration behind this event is the idea that with everyone now carrying a camera with them at all times – whether they’re a professional, who’d forget their pants before forgetting their DSLR, or they’re a Jane or John Doe with an iPhone – there is amazing photography to be found in the repertoire of photographers of all levels.

You only know who the artist is once you buy it, since the photos are displayed anonymously. It’s sort of like handing out real life “likes”! The mixture of amateurs, professionals, and in-betweeners will give the audience a real selection to gander at, and can hopefully help artists realize their potential, and seek new inspiration.

Anyone is welcome to submit photos. Picturama!, much like Instagram, doesn’t care what your background is, what scene you’re in, or how long you’ve been practicing photography. The event promises to open dialogue for anyone to discuss techniques, types of cameras, inspiration to be found in Ottawa, and the stories behind the photos.

Picturama! is on November 26th at Fall Down Gallery (288 Bank Street). The event is free to attend, but you must RSVP via Facebook to respect the event permit. Please submit your photos by November 25th.