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Photos by Jared Davidson/Apt613

Photos: The Wiggle Waggle Walk and Run

By Jared Davidson on September 12, 2018

Guest post by Tetley the Dog (@TetleyBear on Instagram).

Hi there! My name is Tetley. I’m a dog.

So when Apt613 asked me to cover the Wiggle Waggle Walk and Run last weekend, I was like, “Yup!” It’s just my wheelhouse, you know? Also, the fundraiser is in its 30th year so, like many dogs in Ottawa, I’ve already been a few times.

If I’d known we were walking I wouldn’t have brought this sweet fur coat. Jeepers, it’s hot!

Have you ever seen so many humans?

You can’t see them, but there are about a hundred dogs in that picture. It’s because they all brought their humans with them, and dressed them in blue. This is usually how us dogs show our dominance over our humans: through displays of control.

Stop being such a ham, friend.

This is more like it. This is my friend. He’s a bit shy but sometimes you’ll get a good smile from him. He looks like me because we might be related. We’re both of the goldendoodle persuasion, you see. Also, I think we have the same dad.

I also want to introduce you to my other friend, who also kind of looks like me:

He’s behind me isn’t he?

He likes to photobomb. It happens all the time. What an odd guy.

What’s with all the shouting?

Back to me, Tetley. There were a lot of dogs there, but I was the best and most handsome. And do you know why? It’s because I care more. I met some pretty cool dogs though. Here’s a couple of my favourites:

This guy was so chilled out. I think his name was Todd.

It’s almost over, friend. We can do it.

This guy was a little nosey. He should tone it down, perhaps.

In the end, every single dog won and our squad, which my human named “Doods with Toods,” raised over $450 for the Ottawa Humane Society. You can still donate to us Doods over here, actually. Combined, all the humans that came out to the event raised $111,690.67.  There were well over 1000 participants and more than 2000 donations. For a bunch of primates, that’s not bad.

So glad for this opportunity to support local dog things and to show everyone my ‘tude.

You can never make this guy sit still. Not even for a family shot. I wasn’t frustrated, just resigned.

It’s pretty righteous, no? Todd thought I was pretty cool. I like Todd. Here’s Todd again:

See? Todd loves me. Look at how chill he is! I wish all dogs were like Todd.

Dont forget to take breaks if you get too hot! See you next time – Tetley

The Wiggle Waggle Walk and Run happens every year around this time. Check the Ottawa Humane Society‘s website for more.