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All photos by Elie Dufresne (Instagram: @elie.ash)

Photos: Safia Nolin at Barrymore’s

By Apartment613 on February 6, 2017


As Safia Nolin began to play the beautiful chords to “La Laideur,” Barrymore’s went completely silent. Her voice – crystal clear – echoed inside the theatre and everyone was hooked. Although most of the performers that came before her that night were more upbeat, Nolin managed to charm the audience within a few seconds of her performance, with her soft and simple melodies and her adorable “frenglish.”

Nolin performed alone on the large stage, accompanied only by her acoustic guitar. The crowd swayed to the gentle rhythm of her music. All the artists present at the JUNO Concert Series show were asked to prepare a cover of a Canadian artist they admired. Nolin performed “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion, who she referred to as her own “personal Jesus.” That was definitely one of the most surprising performances of the night. Nolin infused the famous Titanic theme song with her unique style and inspired the crowd to sing along.

Her second album, Les Reprises Vol.1, was surprise-released in November 2016. Although her latest album doesn’t include the Céline Dion cover from Friday’s show, it is made up of eight beautifully arranged covers of a variety of French Canadian artists.

Safia Nolin was only one of the many amazing artists to perform during the MEGAPHONO Festival this past week. Thankfully, Nolin will back in the Ottawa-Gatineau region on April 14 and May 12–13 to perform three sold out shows at Cabaret La Basoche (120 rue Principale, Aylmer).