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Photos by Maria-Helena Pacelli/Apt613

Wild in the City: Museum of Nature moonlights as an urban party

By Maria-Helena Pacelli on December 13, 2017



If you haven’t yet been, Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature is one of the best cultural entertainment experiences this city has to offer. Not only is it an event that takes advantage of some of the most amazing architecture in Ottawa, but the themes, like November’s Wild in the City or December’s Frost, are always bringing something new to explore.

The Museum of Nature happens to be one of my favourite gems in the nation’s capital, but it’s a completely different experience to walk through exhibits that are jam packed with playful millennials as opposed to your typical weekend family visitations. Nature Nocturne is a party environment unlike any other, which combines the old school rave aesthetic of large thematic warehouse parties with the ethos and educational content a museum has to offer, and activities in every floor reminiscent of your local community fair. For a very reasonable price, you can dance the night away and frolic among the relics of ancient times, discover new things about the natural world, and maybe even meet some new feral friends.

Since it’s impossible to see everything in one visit, check out the Museum’s page to find out more about the deal on 3 pack tickets, and if you want to support the Museum, don’t forget to check out the gift shop for a few souvenirs.

Nature Nocturne is a monthly event at the Canadian Museum of Nature from November through August. Tickets are $25 each, or buy a three pack and save $10.