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Party & Bullsh*t brings back the 90s

By Jared Davidson on March 2, 2013

Here’s a question: do you like Biggie? I mean Notorious B.I.G.; do you like him? He’s a rapper. He died 16 years ago (gawd I feel old). He was a pioneer, a visionary, an exceptional rapper. And so, this month, some of the localest of local deejays and rappers are throwing a big party in his honour, to mark the anniversary of his death.

Atherton, Circa Beatz and So Nice will be there, kicking it nineties style with backwards caps pretty much everywhere. The thing is called Party & Bullshit (which is either a reference I don’t get, or they just couldn’t think of a name).

It’s at Ritual, which is, in my opinion, one of the best places for DJ and hip hop fare in this city. The dank atmosphere and the coloured lights give it something of a New York vibe, but without all the stupid crap that comes with New York. Plus the sound system is great: those lows and highs will… well, you know the drill.

Anyway, Biggie died on March 9, 1997, and this event is about that. It’s about the 90s, too (I know how many of you were raised on this stuff), so expect some slap bracelet jokes, and probably some Kool Aid. Because there isn’t enough 90s stuff going on in this city! Why do we have to go to Sirius Satellite Radio to hear some Blackstreet or Backstreet and some of the Boys therefrom? I guess there’s Barrymore’s, but that’s not live music. [Tell us about your favourite 90s haunts in the comments below!]

So Nice and Circa Beatz, the hosts of Cypher on CHUO 89.1 on Friday from 9 to 11, will be hitting the tables like it’s their jobs (they have day jobs, too), and it’s going to be so irregular and so very 90s.

Atherton will be emceeing, dropping 90s jokes like it’s his birthday, and I imagine the crew from Hip Hop Karaoke (featuring Atherton and So Nice) will be in full force. Atherton is one of the best emcees in the city, with a sense of humour to rival Groucho Marx in his prime, and a face that tame a team of wild oxen.

And the tickets are five dollars. Which is a SANDWICH. 5 dollars gets you a cheap sandwich, with terrible lettuce and worse meat, or it gets you into Party & Bullshit. You decide. Actually, scratch that – I’ll give you a sandwich.

Party and Bullshit takes place on Saturday March 9th at 10pm at Ritual Nightclub.