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Theatre world premières, queer history, & vintage costumes: all in one place!

Mer Weinhold is an Ottawa-dwelling writer, editor, book reviewer, and costuming enthusiast. You can follow them on Twitter. Ottawa has a vibrant theatre scene, comprising a multitude of venues hosting shows, troupes and companies performing them, and programs of study producing new actors, playwrights, and stage managers. From Centrepointe to the Shenkman, and many places […]

Norman continues to conquer in Living Together

There’s a not-to-be-missed theatrical treat at The Gladstone! Living Together is the second of a theatrical triple-header called The Norman Conquests.  You can read my review of the first play, Table Manners here.  I’ve learned since then that Alan Ayckbourn wrote this brilliant trio of plays in a mere 10 days.  One patron on opening night […]

Table Manners is a complete success

Table Manners is the first of a theatrical triple-header at The Gladstone and, I believe, a first for Ottawa. As a result of a flippant remark to a reporter in 1973, Alan Ayckbourn found himself committed to writing a trilogy of plays.  The result was his brilliant classic, The Norman Conquests. Ayckbourn’s three plays share […]

The Elephant Girls

Review by Natalie Joy Quesnel 60m  | Drama, Solo  | Mature Margo MacDonald is Maggie Hale, the fictional enforcer of a very real all-female gang, The Forty Elephants, that terrorized 19th century London.  The play, set in a London pub in 1937, shows us a retired Hale, goaded by a curious college student, recalling the triumphs and […]

Basement 819 du 11 février 2015 :: Festival undercurrents – Much Ado About Feckin’ Pirates. Théâtre – Le projet bocal au CNA. La Maison de la Commune sort de l’ombre!

Basement 819 s’en est donné à coeur joie cette semaine. En plus de nos suggestions publiées dans le Weekend Roundup, nous vous présentons trois entrevues pour bien démontrer le caractère grouillant de la scène culturelle de la région. Un départ en force avec une première capsule pour souligner le festival undercurrents qui s’activera du 12 […]

undercurrents | Trois performances à vous tatouer sur l’agenda!

Le Théâtre de la Cour des Arts accueillera la 5e édition du festival undercurrents – une série de performances contemporaines faisant figure de proue à la création indépendante et aux artistes actifs à travers le pays. Cette année, du 12 au 21 février, le festival accueillera des artistes professionnels de cinq villes et présentera 30 […]

Shipwrecked! offers a wonderful (and clever) dose of silliness

Silliness often gets a bad rap.  For some lovers of culture, art is not really art unless it is exploring a serious theme.  “Real actors don’t do slapstick,” I can hear these deep thinkers declare.  “While ridiculous plot lines are signs of a weak imagination.” In response, one can imagine how Pomme Frites, the wonderful […]

Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun!

Much Ado About Feckin’ Pirates! is at The Gladstone until March 29. The fun starts as soon as you enter the theatre lobby. One of the jolly staff (everyone associated with this production seems to be having a grand old time) directs you to a table where you must find your very own pirate name. […]

Age of Arousal fails to arouse

In 1893, George Gissing published a novel called The Odd Women.  The title derived from the fact that there were a million more women than men in Victorian England.  These “odd” women weren’t able to land a husband, and this had a severe economic impact on women. Gissing’s story was of three impoverished sisters – Alice, […]

So Much Theatre: Hal and Falstaff

Review by Brian M. Carroll 175 minutes (including one intermission) | Historical Drama | G Like Shel Silverstein’s poem Hamlet as Told on the Streets, the Company of Fools’ street smart production of Hal and Falstaff is aimed at the rabble: the types of folks who paid a penny to stand in the pit of the original Globe […]

So Much Theatre: Fly Me to the Moon

No matter how routine your job, you never really know what you’re going to find when you go in to work. What starts as a regular shift for Belfast home-care workers Loretta Mackie (Margo MacDonald) and Frances Shields (Mary Ellis) quickly turns into a question of scruples when their client dies on the toilet on […]

So much theatre: The Fly with Stones party at the GCTC

One might expect that two theatres located within a twenty-minute walk from one another—and with a similar core audience demographic—would have some kind of frosty, dramatic rivalry. Not so, in the case of the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Gladstone Theatre. These two theatres have somewhat of a shared history; before the GCTC moved into […]

Fringe Favourite ‘Shadows’ gets a second showing at the Undercurrents Festival

Post by Jared Davidson Shadows, the darling of last year’s Fringe Fest, is preparing to take the stage again during the GCTC’s Undercurrents festival. This is great news if you happen to be one of many theatre-goers who weren’t able to get tickets for the perpetually sold-out production during the Fringe’s June run. Really, this […]