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Our Belated Review: “There are a lot of crappy things about Victoria, but your neighbors let you play your music really loud”

By Ryan Saxby Hill on May 7, 2009

Photo courtesy of Blurasis on Flickr

Photo courtesy of Blurasis on Flickr

Thanks to the the NAC’s BC Scene, we’ve learned so much about the great music of B.C. over the past couple weeks. It’s nice to get so much west coast fun without the carbon and cost of air travel.

The show from Immaculate Machine this past weekend was a special treat for me, as I’ve been a long-time fan. They put on a great show, with a cross section from their three albums – including the just released High on Jackson Hill. They were one vocalist short – but still provided some lyrical harmonization that makes the albums all so great.

Much of the crowd seemed to be resistant to dancing,  but obviously genuinely enjoyed the show – calling the opening act back out for an encore.

For more on Immaculate Machine, check out our feature interview!

Following Immaculate Machine was Vancouver’s YSP! WSD! Becky Ninkovic and co. got the crowd dancing off the first note, immediately filing the room with energy. Ninkovic’s delivery and her dance moves have something magnetic. They played a generous set highlighted by a hard hitting version of “The Gap”. Maybe it was because we were near the speakers, or maybe it’s just because they like it loud, but my ear drums were definitely a bit roughed up by the end of the show.

As initially reported, Japandroids had to drop out of this show due to illness. We wish them well. Their new album “Post Nothing” is great. They were replaced by Ottawa’s Videotape.