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Photo: Alex Goupil

#ottmusic weekly: Townes, The Golden Seals, Bases Loaded, Alex Goupil, Allie Goodyear, Libby & Cal added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on July 19, 2021



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“Same Old Thing” by Townes // With four EP releases to his name and several new singles, Townes aka Matt Radich has found an addictive middle point between indie-rock and gloomy pop. Combining stellar songwriting and nostalgic late-00’s production, he draws on influences from Beck, Wolf Parade, and Diamond Rings. “Same Old Thing” is a song about the Ottawa venues which had to close permanently due to the pandemic. [Bandcamp]

“To Be Or Not To Be (With Me)” by The Golden Seals // Along with Grammy-nominated audio engineer and drummer Philip Shaw Bova, and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Lacroix (Ron Sexsmith), songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave Merritt channels Shakespeare in this 1970s-esque retro pop rock song. While The Golden Seals may not be a household name, Merritt has enjoyed a long career—over three decades—in the Canadian music scene. His original songs have been cut by Rheostatics and Sarah Harmer to name a few. We’ve heard the new single played on CBC Radio 2, so maybe it won’t be long before the rest of the country clues into this local treasure. [Bandcamp]

Original artwork by Shawn Philip Hunsdale

“What Fools” by Libby & Cal // Folk duo Libby & Cal a.k.a. Libby Hortop and Cal Tranner released their project’s debut album this summer. Our Lady of Perpetual Hammer is their new collection of folk songs written in the pandemic year of 2020. Prior to this, Hortop studied music at McGill and spent nights lugging an electric piano to gigs. In 2014, she bought an autoharp off Kijiji, on a whim, and has incorporated the instrument into her practise ever since. When Hortop teamed up with guitarist and singer Cal Tranner, their folk project was born. Before recording Our Lady of Perpetual Hammer, the duo honed their craft at small music venues from Wakefield’s Kaffé 1820 to Centretown’s Art House Café and Pressed. [Bandcamp]

“Drowning” by Alex Goupil // Ottawa-born songwriter Alex Goupil recently returned from London, UK, where he moved in 2018 to work on new music, his live show, and recorded at least five new singles. The latest is “Drowning”, a three-minute indie pop serenade that was inspired by his move across the pond, which meant saying goodbye to a special someone he caught feelings for right before his departure. [Soundcloud]

“Breathe” by Allie Goodyear // Today, we’re sharing 14 year-old singer-songwriter Allie Goodyear’s debut release in hopes you’ll find time to listen to young and emerging talent here in Ottawa. Goodyear’s new single “Breathe” is not only a tight song, but the vocal and instrumental performances are outstanding. We discovered Goodyear’s music through an interview on CKCU 93.1 FM’s Friday Special Blend, which you can listen to on-demand. [CKCU Interview]

“Charm School” by Bases Loaded // Alt-rock rap artist Bases Loaded just released a new album we’re vibing to called computers breakups sparkling water, which is entirely self-produced from writing to recording, mixing and mastering. “I’m apolitical, I treat all people on the planet with respect,” says the artist in an email to Apt613. “I hope my stuff gives the listener a chuckle, a fist pump, and a little bit of chutzpah as they walk out the door in the morning.” [Bandcamp]

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