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#ottmusic weekly: Nine new songs added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on December 20, 2021

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Another busy week for Ottawa artists, including 18-year-old rapper/producer NLN who’s been been dropping a track a week for over two years.

If you’re feeling festive be sure to check out the #ottmusic xmas playlist right here. We’ll catch you next week with the best of #ottmusic weekly 2021.

Dreamy Indie-Folk – ”Don’t Look For Me Now” by Neha Sin

Hip-Hop Slow Jam – ”Amnesia” by Mazyn

R&B/Pop Ballad – ”On My Way Home” by Arcantael, off the newly released album Demember

Smooth & Autotuned –”Red Light” by Yvngg Skeez & 46trevelle

Alt-Rock Bop – ”Come Home Soon” by Ardent Hale

Melodic Trap – ”Limelight” by Nagy Gogetta & Lil Monte

Hype Hip-Hop – ”After The Tone, Pt. 2” by NLN

Surf Inspired Rock – ”Quasar” by Area Resident // [Bandcamp]

Chill R&B – ”WYS” by CazMcMind & T. Chandy

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