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Almyr Jules. Photo: Jelan Maxwell.

#ottmusic weekly: Lady Charles, Almyr Jules, Fen Racket added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 and Michael Bercier on July 26, 2021

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Cover artwork by Arsnzip

“Noella (I Can’t Get Enough of You)” by Lady Charles

This track is about ”being locked down with someone you’re head over heels with, with a touch of anxiety knowing how much of a relationship test it is going to be,” says Lady Charles. The song has fun harmonies, lush synth work and a sweet bass line. Lady Charles says, ”the harmonies in particular were inspired by reading about how Queen would have each member sing each harmony so that they’d have like three or four voices per part and get that sort of thick phasey sound naturally, I triple tracked each harmony after that.” Lady Charles is a multi-instrumentalist who performs the vocals, guitars, keyboards, synths, and percussion on this track. He’s joined by Brian Weinthal on drums.


Photo by Sean Sisk

“The Beginning” by Almyr Jules

“The Beginning” is a neo-disco pop song about longing for the early stages of love. Almyr Jules says that ”in relationships, we often get distracted and separated a little. I always wondered what it would be like if we could go back to when we first met and when times were great. Back to the beginning.” It’s the third single from Almyr’s upcoming EP, Levels. “The Beginning” is also the first release from Ottawa producer Kieran Isley who plays guitar, bass and keys on the track. Mixed and mastered by Jelan Maxwell.


“Cuidado” by Fen Racket

Fen Racket is the solo project Derek Atkinson (Loon Choir) launched during the 2020 lockdown. “Cuidado” is his latest release in a stream of singles and EPs delivered over the past year. It’s a soft indie rock track with a driving beat, catchy gooks and great vocals. Recommended if you like SALES or surprisingly John Mayer.


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