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Photo: Tmorr, JFUN and Pithra "Don't Worry" (YouTube)

#ottmusic weekly: L.J.P, Tmorr, Pithra & JFUN added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on October 19, 2020




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“A Brand New Day” by L.J.P. // Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist L.J.P. (aka Luke Paluch) plays all the parts on this new indie rock tune, except the backing vocals, which come courtesy of a collaborator and former bandmate in Ireland. The track is one of three singles L.J.P. has released in 2020.

“Don’t Worry” by JSP (Tmorr, Pithra & JFUN Remix) // The Music.Art.Ppl crew whipped up this remix of a bangin’ tune by JSP… The solo r&b artist got the remix treatment by Tmorr, Pithra and JFUN, who took the song into dancey house music territory for their first remix release since Music.Art.Ppl launched a new record label. Lyrically, there is a strong message about staying positive and resilient during times of uncertainty. Sonically, Music.Art.Ppl spice it up with deep bass, rolling drums and synth chops. Recommended if you like Kaytranada or The Internet.

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