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Cover artwork for Hilotrons "Lonely Cinema"

#ottmusic weekly: Hilotrons and Harea Band added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on January 4, 2021

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Welcome back, Apt613ers! Kicking off the new year, we have new adds to the #ottmusic weekly playlist. In case you missed it, we also published our “Best of 2020” playlists over the holiday break. If you’re up to speed, there’s a pair of new tracks waiting for you in this edition of #ottmusic weekly:

“Subtle Siren Song” by Hilotrons // It’s been five years since the last Hilotrons record, To Trip With Terpsichore. Around NYE, Hilotrons (aka Mike Dubue) dropped their latest, Lonely Cinema. Inspired by 1960s film soundtracks and psychedelic pop, these songs feature Caylie Runciman (Boyhood) on lead vocals as well as a cast of longtime Hilotrons collaborators. Dubue says a number of instrumental tracks were written as tribute to the instrumental Ottawa band The Empiricals, QC (2001 to 2012).

“Magic” by Harea Band // “Magic” is a slow jam love song by Harea Band released in mid-December. We took a couple weeks off to promote Apt613’s “Best of 2020” playlists, so this is us catching up! In case you missed it, the music video for this song, by Ottawa director Jeff Watkins, was our Video of the Week pick on December 16.

A reminder: as new tracks are added, older tracks are removed from the playlist. We keep it tight!

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