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Photo: @kar33mmusic (Instagram)

#ottmusic weekly: Gold Bonds, KAR33M, The Pug-Ugly Mugs, Mazyn added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on July 6, 2021

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“Stars Align” by Gold Bonds [Bandcamp]

Written, produced and recorded by David Gervais and Matthew Gilmour, Stars Align is ”an affirmation of our lucidity and our ability to make dreams come true.” The experimental-pop duo have been releasing music through various projects in the Ottawa-area for over two decades—most recently on the Music.Art.Ppl label. The long-time friends began making music together in 2013 under the name Gold Bonds, referring to a long-term investment or cherished friendship. The cover artwork for Stars Align is entitled “The Moonrise” by Erin Besseau.

“Runaway” by Kar33m & T. Chandy [Linktree]

Another silky-smooth slow jam by r&b fusion artist KAR33M featuring rapper T. Chandy. ”Runaway is a song inspired by the cool summer breeze and the possibility of a world where your wildest dreams can be achieved.” says KAR33M, ”an escape from the confines of a regular lifestyle.” While it might seem like a traditional love at first sight story, ”Runaway is an ode to music from its creators.” This track became a way for KAR33M and T. Chandy to express their love of creating music and the escape it gives them from their everyday life.

The latest recipient of the Awesome Ottawa award, KAR33M aka Abdul Muse, is an athlete turned musician on a mission to elevate Ottawa’s arts scene. His collaborative project, Woke Studios is youth-led artistic residency providing education and advocacy for the future generation of Ottawa artists.

“T’wasn’t” by The Pug-Ugly Mugs [Website]

This quirky indie rock tune is the first release from The Pug-Ugly Mugs aka Tobin Jay. Self described as a “neur-atypical” composer and multi-instrumentalist, Tobin wrote and performed this track about ”remembering to live in the moment, and letting yourself be who you are, instead of who you think you are supposed to be.” It’s the first single off his upcoming EP dropping August 6th. Recorded and produced by Joe Lyko at Dark Moon Productions. Cover artwork by Pri’s Paints.

“Mon Monde” by Mazyn [Linktree]

This bilingual r&b/hip hop track from Mazyn ”started on Google Translate with a couple of melodies but ended up being a whole song.” The artist formerly known as Capé is an emerging talent that started writing music in his dorm room to help cope with homesickness, anxiety and college stress. He was included in the Top 10 Ottawa Rappers list by Shifter Magazine and named ”Hip-Hop artist of the Year” by Faces Magazine.

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