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Photo: @harea_band (Instagram)

#ottmusic weekly: Fen Racket, Harea Band, HILOTRONS, Paragon Cause, Amanda Rheaume added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on June 21, 2021

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“No History Of Violence” by Fen Racket // What do you do when the pandemic keeps your 9-piece band from rehearsing and performing? You record a solo project. Derek Atkinson, the singer-songwriter for longtime Ottawa band Loon Choir, did exactly that over the past year. Under the name Fen Racket—and recently signed to Canadian label Surkeus Records—Atkinson released new music and a lyric video this past weekend. “No History of Violence” is about the “social and preventative elements involved in mass shootings,” says Atkinson in a statement. [Bandcamp]

“Ghost” by Harea Band // “Ghost was written for everyone who feels they are haunted by their past,” says Harea in an IG post. It’s dark, sad, unsettling, and yet we love it so much. The short r&b ballad is relatively toned down when compared to Harea’s upbeat hits like “Runnin’ Again” and “It’s Your Birthday”, but the songwriter has shown this softer side of himself in songs like “Magic”. Songwriter Alex Harea and multi-instrumentalist producer Caylan Penny perform most of what you hear on the recent Harea records, however this time they’re joined by guitarist Julien Dussault (Pony Girl, Marie-Clo) for a guest spot in the recording studio. [Bandcamp]

“Too Many Pictures” by HILOTRONS // Six months removed from the release of Lonely Cinema, HILOTRONS aka Mike Dubue has released a six-track EP titled Lonely Cinema II. The track we’ve selected for #ottmusic weekly features Caylie Runciman (Boyhood) on lead vocals. [Bandcamp]

“Disconnected” by Paragon Cause // “Disconnected” is a new single off an upcoming album, Autopilot, and although it was recorded “in the dead of winter” it’s got 100 per cent summer vibes. “It’s about wishing we were in Nova Scotia next to waterfall… It’s about wishing we could get away from the chaos of the last two years,” says the band in an IG post. Both song and album were produced by Danish musician Sune Rose Wagner (The Raveonettes). [Bandcamp]

“I’ve Been Gone” by Amanda Rheaume and Monique Clare // As a part of a collaboration project for Folk Music Canada, Ottawa’s Amanda Rheaume and the Australian cellist Monique Clare co-wrote and recorded “I’ve Been Gone” in spring of 2021. “I love this song so much, and am deeply grateful for the new friendship too,” says Rheaume about working with Clare. “We wrote this song together from different sides of the planet over Zoom.” [Website]

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