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#ottmusic weekly: Carter Hickey, Mazyn, JPEW, wutsupval, KAR33M and Vicki Brittle added to the @apt613 playlist

By Michael Bercier on November 8, 2021



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Modern pop ballad – “Over You” by Carter Hickey // [Instagram] 

Arabic/English hip-hop – “Fayadan” by Mazyn – Fayadan means flood in Arabic // [Instagram] 

Harmony laden folk – “Send Me Down” by Jessica Pearson & the East Wind // [Website] 

Uplifting pop – “wisteria” by wutsupval – Wisteria is a flowering tree that produces beautiful purple flowers, “in the anime Dragon Slayer you were safe if you were near wisteria. The song was inspired by anime friendships” says the artist. // [Instagram] 

Afrobeat inspired hip-hop – “Move” by KAR33M & Banggz // [Website] 

Pop-soul duet – “Sweet Melody” by Vicki Brittle ft. Myles Castello // [Website] 

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