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Photo by Felix W Zeyun.

Interview: Indie rock songwriter Townes on his latest release, “Maury Povich”

By Apartment613 on August 23, 2021

In this interview series, we dig deeper into selections from the #ottmusic weekly Spotify playlist and question local musicians about their new releases and inspirations. Townes’s new song “Maury Povich” tops the playlist this week.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Apt613: Congratulations on the release of the single “Maury Povich.” It’s quite a funny take on a breakup song, and having listened to it many times, we’re so curious about the story behind it. Did it come to you in a dream or is this song based on real-life events?

Townes: It’s not from real-life events. This song was sort of my take on a song for the streaming era of music. Typically, my songs go to around the four-minute mark, but nowadays songs keep getting shorter and there’s pressure to create quick memorable songs. I’ve noticed that there are two-minute-long generic love songs doing well on streaming platforms these days, so I wanted to make something like that. However, I’m not really the kind of person to make songs like that, so I basically parodied the style by making the lyrics absurd.

Why Maury? I was just thinking of a time where you’d have a PA day [known as a “professional activities” day, where students stay home on a school day while the school staff work on professional development] in middle school. I’d watch Maury show in the morning as a 13-year-old. They would show ads for Everest College where some random dude was yelling at me to get off the couch and do something with my life. So the song is written from the perspective of someone Everest College is yelling at.

Image of Matthew Radich, also known by his creative moniker Townes. Photo courtesy of Matthew Radich.

How did you record the track? Were there any collaborators?

I recorded the song with Josh Hart at Audio Valley Recording Studios. The only other collaborator was my friend Liam Dwyre who plays drums on all of my tracks.

Do you demo your music? How different is this release from earlier versions of the song?

I wrote the demo from this song in December 2020. The main difference between the demos and the final version is the production quality. As far as writing goes, I’ve largely written the entire song and all its parts before going into the studio.

Frame from the upcoming music video for “Maury Povich.” Photo by Nicholas Wandel.

Who would be your dream collaborator if you could make a record with anyone?

Alex Cameron.

Where can people get updates on Townes? What is the best way for listeners to support you? Is this single from an upcoming album?

People can get updates via townesmr on Instagram and

The best way for listeners to support me is to listen to my music and come out to shows when they happen again. September 25 at Club SAW is my first show post-pandemic! Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan.

No album yet. Just playing the singles game for now, but I’ll be doing an EP in the future which will have a more ambitious visual element to it.

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