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#ottmusic weekly: Almyr Jules, Huguette Lavigne, Braden Foulkes added to the @apt613 playlist

By Apartment613 on May 10, 2021

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“Don’t Go” by Almyr Jules // Already a well-known voice in Ottawa, though mainly for his folksy acoustic tunes, Almyr Jules said he was inspired to develop a soulful R&B sound after witnessing Leon Bridges perform at CityFolk in 2019. Almyr’s new single “Don’t Go” offers a glimpse of this new direction which combines modern production and drum machines with his warm voice and vintage soul sounds of a rhythm section. He’s joined by bassist Michael Bercier and producer Steve Gardiner on this track. Almyr’s new Levels EP is slated for release in summer 2021. [Website]

“Rails” by Huguette Lavigne // Ottawa pianist and composer Huguette Lavigne added a new album, Free and Easy, to her collection of solo piano work. Featuring a lovely, dancing upper melody supported by ascending arpeggios, “Rails” carries the listener along a sun-dappled stream just shy of three minutes long. [Soundcloud]

“Little Hell” by Braden Foulkes // Born and raised in Ottawa, Foulkes has been recording and performing live music for the better part of a decade. During lockdown, he’s connected with Ottawa and Ontario-based musicians remotely to produce a concept album, A Little Hell, due June 18. “Little Hell” is the lead single. Recommended if you like Canadian rockers such as Matt Mays, Sam Roberts Band, The Sheepdogs, or July Talk. [Bandcamp]

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